Artist Creates Epic Thanos VS Iron Man – End Game FLIPBOOK

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When you talk about dedication, some have it and some don’t. However, you definitely have to say that YouTuber dP Art Drawing has it! This incredible feat of artistic talent will blow you away, especially when you find out that he spent over 700 hours creating this masterpiece!

As he states on his YouTube channel:

This is the longest flipbook I’ve ever made, I drew over 1400 drawings to capture the most memorable Iron Man VS Thanos moments.


There were the days I worked more than 10 hours and until 2:00 in the morning every day. I planned to draw only 1000 drawings, but I was not satisfied so I drew 400 more drawings.


Thank you so much for watching to support me.

You can really see the love he has for his craft and how incredibly talented he is too! Wish he’d sell of the individual drawings he used in his video. It would be so cool to own one!

source: dP Art Drawing